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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  September 19, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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if you have a question about how a home equity line of credit could work for you, ask me. i can help. sincerely jose gomez fellow castle owner and fellow citizen. ♪ ♪ >> cbs sports presents "the post game show." >> adam: welcome to "the dodge post game show." i'm adam zucker. tonight on cbs begins with "ncis: new orleans." and "criminal minds." followed by "48 hours." tonight only cbs. leonard fournette with a career high for the second straight week. 228 yards, this time. speaking with our allie laforce moments ago. >> allie: it started with a 71-yard breakout run to start this game. you never looked back after
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that. how have you been able to be so dominant? >> dominant on my o line, brandon harris taking control of the game and thanking him every day. we're getting better as a unit. >> allie: you were 22 yards short of the single game all time rushing at l.s.u. do you wish you were left in for longer? >> they told me but i wasn't focused. i wanted the young goys to get their first touchdowns on the collegiate level. i was excited for them. >> allie: it looked like a knee, they told us it was a thigh. >> i got over t. >> allie: you're a proud father, your daughter watching from home. >> i love her and to my cousin ruben evans, and a shout to new orleans. >> allie: congratulations. >> adam: they were shouting for him in baton rouge. joined by rick neuheisel and brian jones. leonard fournette. do you vault him to the top of the heisman race? >> rick: the coach in me says, "easy, it's early" but the media
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man, strike the pose. i go back to 1983. we played mike rozier at nebraska. he won the heisman. that was in week three. this is week three. you saw a couple of those strike-the-pose runs today. >> brian: guys jumping over the top, sidestepping other defenders, the thing i'm worried about is the cancellation of the first ballgame -- yes, put him at the forefront of the heisman conversation now, almost 500 yards in two games but he missed that first ballgame -- it was cancelled. will that come back and hurt him later? >> adam: look at yards per game. yards per game. >> brian: if he averages over 200 going forward, yes. >> rick: did you see jonathan ford miss that tackle? >> adam: he was the big talker in the days leading up. l.s.u. undefeated and we're looking at november 7 as far as going to alabama potentially
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undefeated. their next game is against a syracuse team that's 3-0 for the first time since -- >> rick: give them credit for traveling out of the s.e.c. footprint. that game at south carolina will be tough and we'll see how the florida gators look when that game rolls around. >> brian: alabama is a big one but i think they may have an "l" on their schedule. >> adam: let's get you caught up on what else is going on including number seven georgia against south carolina. lost this to them last year, b.j., here is nick chubb. >> brian: 10 straight 100-yard rushing games. mama's happy. you've got to keep mama happy. >> adam: 10-3. grayson lambert six for seven so far this week. the big story outside the s.e.c. was the scare for ohio state and what may be a changing of the quarterback guard, rick, cardale jones misfiring. >> rick: he gets the start but
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this ball is errant, picked off by northern illinois. they turn it into a touchdown. the huskies are showing they're not going to be fodder today. jones again. >> adam: same guy. setting up a field goal. >> rick: leads to a field goal as you just suggested. this settled things down in the horseshoe, darren lee picks off the screen, returns it for a touchdown and gets the home crowd pulse back down. >> adam: j.t. barrett did come into the game and threw the interception but ohio state able to get it right back. michigan state no problem. as well as oregon. notre dame trying to close this out. they have been dominant. baker mayfield school record for total yards for oklahoma today. coming up we'll update you on the rest of the action in the s.e.c.
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>> verne: welcome back to "the dodge post game show." let's get back to the scoreboard and big numbers elsewhere in the s.e.c., earlier today texas a&m, kyle allen five total touchdowns from him, missouri holding on against uconn. mississippi state with a big day from dak prescott. who is happy? dial up the emoticons. car dale jones. thumb's down for now. at least none of these were victims of a slobber knocker. b.j., your finalist for the day.
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>> brian: kentrell brothers of missouri. that's a slobber knocker, folks, all up in his grille. >> adam: over. let's look at some of the other big games coming up as the night continues including ole miss and alabama. a big one in tuscaloosa. does a good showing by bama put them at number one? >> rick: i don't think there is any question, if they play the rock 'em, sock 'em style which they're built to play they'll be right there. >> brian: if they get the victory, alabama will vault to number one. >> adam: bama trying to make it look good, ole miss trying to make last year hold up, georgia up 10-3 now, sony michel going in for a touchdown moments ago so it is now 17-3 georgia over south carolina. no one has defeated georgia more than steve spurrier as this one from the east -- >> brian: you you may have to call the ball coach and give him a pep talk. put your arm around him. >> adam: time for us to put our arms around each other. that will do it for this week.
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thanks for watching "the dodge post game show." here is a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs. and over on cbs sports network a big night of college football. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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>> ♪ >> [inaudible] >> okay, temperatures will be cooling down over the next seven days. we'll let you know when fall-like weather returns to
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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast send in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now on "eyewitness news," the stage is almost set for pope francis' arrival in philadelphia as the city counts down the final days before the papal visit. meanwhile, the holy father has landed in cuba to a warm welcome from catholic leaders and the country's president. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. pope francis' visit to the island nation is the first leg of his trip that will end right here in philadelphia. cbs correspondent chris martinez is in havana with more. >> ♪ >> reporter: pope francis arrived at havana's jose martin international airport to a cheering crowd greeted by the president and archbishop. the three day trip marks his first ever visit to the island
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nation as leader of the catholic church. [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: cuba has been prepping for the pope's arrival for months. at revolution square crews worked up to the last minute putting the final touch on the altar where francis will deliver an outdoor mass sunday. jose is among the thousands expected to attend. [speaking foreign language] >> the interpreter: i understand he will give mass and i want to be there he says. i want to be the first to arrive. >> reporter: a recent poll found that less than one third of cubans identify as catholic but julie who coauthored a book on francis believes his visit will capture the attention of cubans of many faiths. >> i would expect that the crowds here will be really huge because apart from talking directly to people who
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are religious, he's very interested in being inclusive and really speaking to the whole world. >> reporter: sunday morning's mass is one of three pope francis will deliver during his time in cuba. he'll meet with cuban officials in havana including a private meeting with president raul castro. chris martinez, cbs news havana cuba. >> pope francis will likely see the largest crowds of his historic trip right here in philadelphia. we are one week away from his arrival and preparations are kicking into high gear. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson is live at the steps of the art museum overlooking the ben franklin parkway. got a great spot there, steve. >> reporter: yes, natasha, it is all happening now from the hundred foot arch that's now over the parkway, to the 32 jumbotrons that will eventually come to life. the construction here is well under way and we got a look at the construction of the main stage. check out this sneak preview. take a look it is finally her here.
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the signs many of us have been anticipating or dreading for months are starting to take shape on the parkway, the stage literally being set for the pope's arrival. >> this is one of the largest events to ever occur in the united states. >> reporter: scott merken has done setup for the president, the dalai lama and jay-z se but he says this takes the cake. >> this is definitely largest event. >> reporter: traffic closures are already in place and they're mainly for the safety of merkens guys and 700 union workers laboring hours into the night to get it all right. he says the finished product will be worth the trouble. >> you really can see this stage where we're building it from a mile away. >> reporter: meanwhile,. >> i have mylan yard so i know who i. i have a hat. >> cute. >> and i have my shirt. so, i'm all ready to go. i'm so excited. >> reporter: fran bradley is all geared up, one of 2500 checking in this weekend now
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registered as one of an expected 10,000 volunteers to help out during the papal visit. >> i've been very fortunate in the last few years, so i feel i should give back. >> reporter: men and women who call it a calling to be working during a moment of history. >> i'm going to be taking care of everybody. >> reporter: and of course this all means as we mentioned lane closures. now the parkway is shut down, both the inner and outer lanes from eakins oval to 20th street and it will remain that way until september 29th but all the shutdowns will stay in place, the final one is lifting not until october 4th. so, prepare accordingly. of course, we have all of this in greater detail on our web site at check there. for now, we are live on the steps of the art museum, i'm steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, exciting times. thank you very much, steve. one group of catholics is already in philadelphia one week ahead of the pope's arrival.
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>> ♪ mass was held this morning by members of the women's ordination conference. they arrived earl to fight for their place within the priesthood. pope francis has been clear the all male priesthood should be preserved. these collared women hope he will one day change his mind. >> our hope would be that the pope would include all people in the conversation including women and again at all levels including ordination to the priesthood. >> some believe during the early days of the catholic church families held titles -- females that is held titles like priest and bishop. today women seeking these titles are excommunicated from the church. of course stay with "eyewitness news" for the very latest on the papal visit. we've got a full resource guide for you on our web site, and now for a check on the weather, it's been a beautiful weekend but it looks like cooler temperatures are heading our way. meteorologist justin drabick is in the weather center with
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the first look at the forecast. >> final weekend of the summer season. we have fall-like temperatures returning to our forecast. today, however, though, it did still feel like summer. high temperature made it up to 84. average high is 77. so way above that. humidity levels up a little bit, too. but things change for the second half of the weekend. still warm outside right now. upper 70's, even some lower 80's still breaking out across the reporting stations. breeze has switched out of the southeast off the ocean so it's a humid evening across the shore right now, mid 70's in ocean city and barnegat this hour. there's that wind direction. a southerly breeze, still warm on the humid side. look at those dewpoint temperatures, they're in the 60's even some spots like dover at 70 degrees so that's indicating somewhat of a tropical air mass. there is some humidity to deal with. maybe you want to have the air conditioning running again tonight. things change as we led into sunday. a cold front still to our west, ahead of it it's a mild night, just a few clouds around.
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we'll call it partly cloudy for the overnight hours. here's. forecast for zip. little bit cooler. now we're getting closer to average. more clouds around philadelphia as that front moves through in the morning, highs in the upper 70's. breezy but still okay at the shore. looks like we keep things dry, mid 70's for the highs. looks like the poconos will be in the upper 60's. good afternoon for football if you're heading to the stadium to watch dallas as they come to town. 76 degrees at kickoff, 4:25, partly sunny skies. a great conditions to watch football. coming up in our forecast we'll talk about those temperatures cooling down in the seven dane looks like we're setting up for another dry stretch as well. details in a few minutes. natasha back to you. >> justin thank you so much. friends family and former nba greats gathered today to say a final farewell to philadelphia legend moses malone. a funeral was held for malone at a houston church. the three time nba m.v.p. died of heart disease on sunday. he was 60 years old. and now the search is on for the gunman who shot and killed a man as he was getting out of his car in frankford.
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this happened in the 4000 block of east cheltenham avenue just before 2 o'clock this afternoon. police say the 41-year-old victim was shot several times and he was rushed to aria torresdale hospital in extremely critical condition. the victim died just a short time later. a grenade scare forces the evacuation of the village thrift store in concerns to. a employee found two grenades in a plastic bag and immediately called police. he made the discovery on the 2900 block of kensington avenue just before 9 o'clock this morning. police say the devices turned out to be hollowed out and not live. authorities are working now track down who owned those grenades. and a man suspected of shooting at motorists on a phoenix highway is now in police custody. a swat team stormed a wal-mart store and arrested lesley merit last night. police say he is linked to at least four of the 11 shootings on interstate 10 over the past two weeks. the break in the case came
7:21 pm
just after the suspect pawned a 9-millimeter handgun. police say the gun is linked to the crimes. merit denied any involvement in court today. >> all i have to say is that i'm the wrong guy. i tried telling the detectives that. my gun has been in the pawnshop for the last two months. i haven't even had access to a weapon. >> merritt is being held on a million dollars bail. the only person injured in the shooting was a 13-year-old girl hurt by flying glass. stay with us everyone. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight, some very frightening moments for passengers on board a commercial jet when part of it hit a wall. find out where this happened and how the 275 people on board are doing at this hour. plus, donald trump fires back at critics who went after him after an incident at a campaign event. justin. >> temperatures did reach the mid 80's today, still feeling like summer but we're going cool things down. fall-like temperatures return in the seven-day forecast. i'll show you what to expect.
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>> straight ahead in sports, one more day before the big showdown between the cowboys and the eagles. lesley van arsdale has a preview. stay with us, everyone. back in a moment. >> blank
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>> welcome back. virgin atlantic plain plane is grounded after its wing hit a fence at j.f.k. airport in new york this morning. crews were pushing flight 26
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back from the gate for takeoff to london when the accident happened. none of the 276 people on board were injured. they were bussed back to the terminal and placed on another flight to london. >> ♪ >> well, republican presidential frontrunner donald trump is firing back at critics over a recent incident at a campaign stop thursday in new hampshire. trump declined to correct a questioner who said president obama is a muslim. candidates on both sides of the aisle have slammed trump and demanded he apologize but that's apparently not going to happen. this morning the donald went on a twitter rant posting ." i morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? i don't think so. ." he followed that up with another tweet reading "this is the first time in my life i've caused controversy by not saying something." most recent polls show trump way wide lead over the
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republican field. meantime the new hampshire democratic convention kicked off today. all of the parties declared presidential candidates are there. today frontrunner hillary clinton rallied supporters and of course weighed in on the trump controversy. >> don't be distracted by their flamboyant frontrunner trying to bully and buy his way into the presidency. his latest outrage, the way he he handled the question about president obama was shocking. but not surprising. >> national polls show clinton out in front of her closest rival vermont senator bernie sanders but sanders is closing the gap. he's also leading clinton in two primary states, iowa and new hampshire. and today sanders set the stage hoping to capitalize on his rising poll numbers lately. the self described democratic socialist entered the race a relative unknown but he's now pulling crowds in the tens of thousands at campaign events. >> what looked like a fringe
7:27 pm
campaign is now seen as a campaign that is standing up for working americans and is prepared to take on the billionaire class. [cheers and applause] >> sanders says he he will provide healthcare for all americans along with free public college and a reduced emphasis on military spending. he says the country can pay for it by raising taxes on the wealthiest americans and on large corporations. of course stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the 2016 race for the white house. we'll have the latest on air and on our web site, now, high school students are serving the community in camden, new jersey, this week and they cut the ribbon on a new food pantry at camden academy charter high school. during a huge celebration today. the pantry serves people in need who live in the city's cramer hill neighborhood. it will be operated in part by students at the school and partnered in the -- port
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inters in the project include the perfectly church, food bank of south jersey and camden charter school network as well. very nice. all right, justin, lots of sunshine today. >> yes. >> it was a very nice day. >> pretty warm. last weekend of summer. >> it's going out with all the warmth. >> we had mid 80's today. going to cool it down next week. a hint of fall in our forecast. fall officially arrives next wednesday so i think something for everybody in this forecast but outside right now things are looking pretty nice. we're taking a nice look at center city, nice sunset, maybe a few clouds around. that's going to be the trend tonight as we have a cold front approaching from the west. that front should come through dry. still somewhat on the mild and muggy side tonight but you're really going feel the difference as we head into tomorrow. check out this drop in temperatures. so, today we did make it up to the mid 80's well above the high, the average high of 77 degrees. we were at 84 today. we're going to knock it down near average, upper 70's on sunday, even cooler for monday and tuesday. and we'll keep it in the 70's as we move into the official start of the astronomical fall
7:29 pm
season. look at the wind direction off the ocean out of the south but still warm ahead of a cold front. 70's and low 80's right now but this tells the story. doesn't take a meteorologist to pick out where that front is. just go he to western pennsylvania, eastern ohio. we have that front coming in on the flip side of the front a northwest breeze, it's cooler, drier, that's why we have 60's in cleveland and buffalo. that cooler air will work its way off to the south and east over the next 24 hours. there's the front. you see a lot of activity on it. with some heavier showers coming through pittsburgh and mountains of western pennsylvania, as the front moves east, it should lose a lot of its moisture, maybe a stray sprinkle or two through the overnight. front clears during the day on sunday. we'll have nice breeze coming out of the north to northeast. so that cools us down, pushes out the humidity. temperatures back where they should be in the upper 70's even cooler on monday as the core of the cool dry air mass settles in. we'll have some clouds around, too, monday and tuesday so that helps keep the temperatures little bit cooler than average. highs will struggle to get into the mid 70's on monday and tuesday, so there's your hint of fall.
7:30 pm
here we go, tropics pretty active right now. two systems, we have one tropical depression over the central atlantic, other tropical storm, this is i'd today winds at 40 miles per hour. it will track slowly to the north-northwest and stall out over the central atlantic waters as it sits there over the next five days. may strengthen little bit but as of now things are looking good as far as any tropical systems for the united states. rain chances pretty low tomorrow. we got to throw in that 20 percent chance very early. that front that comes through should come through dry. zero for monday and tuesday. clouds, storm system off shore could slow throw back a shower or two but i think most areas stay dry. tuesday and wednesday back to full sunshine. time it out for you. there's the front that moves through waking up tomorrow early 7:00 a.m., still some clouds, maybe a sprinkle or two in some spots. going back to mostly sunny skies by late afternoon. monday more clouds stream in as the storm system moves in off the coast. all right. there's the temperatures. mild start to our morning. we're going to be in the upper


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